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What is liberty reserve
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What Is Liberty Reserve!

Liberty reserve is an alternative means of making and receiving payments on the internet.

In this present millennium, the market for goods and services sold across the Internet is large and growing. Receiving or making payment, however, has become a problem.

Relying only on the use of credit/debit cards to make payments online may not totally solve the problem. This is because of the fact that so many developing countries in the world for now do not have standard credit/debit card facilities.

Using digital Gold (as an alternative to credit cards) to make purchases online has tremendously solved the problem. This type of electronic currency has drastically minimized exchange risk, and meets the demand of Internet payments.
Electronic Gold or ecurrency serves as means of making and receiving payments for goods and services on the internet.

One good example of digital Gold account is Liberty reserve. Liberty Reserve account is hundred percent backed by bullion gold. People buy stuffs; make investments, or payments online using such digital gold accounts. For example, you want to buy a pair of shoe worth $80 on the Internet; all you need to do is to buy liberty reserve valued $80 (transferred to your liberty reserve account), and then use it as means of payment for your.

However, to buy liberty reserve (or to fund your liberty reserve account as many calls it), you need the service of ecurrency Exchanger. A very good example of such merchant is http://www.goldnigeria.com.

Over the recent years, the entire people on the Internet are beginning to see a lot of reasons why they should use liberty reserve account for payment rather than credit card payments. The advantages are enormous:
- It's cheaper to run!
- Account opening is absolutely free!
- No rigorous and ambiguous process to procure an account!
- More secured!
- It's faster!
- No required amount to set up account with!
- Open to all individuals both in developed and undeveloped countries of the world!
- And lots more.

With the growing number of e-commerce enabling websites and as the number of electronic transactions over the Internet grows by the day, more and more online businesses are accepting liberty reserve as means of receiving and making payments.

You can open a free liberty reserve account with either liberty reserve and then have your account funded by a genuine ecurrency exchanger.


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